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When the heart isn’t happy, it seeks happier times to remember… My heart seeks to be in a hayfield right now. Not just any hayfield though, Dad’s hayfield. The big one behind the house and across the creek. The one you can just barely see through the cottonwoods when you sit on the back deck, I want to be there right now, not here.

I want to be there hitching the 686 to Dad’s old New Holland rake on a bright sunny June morning as the dew burns off the hay waiting to be baled. I want to be there to smell the sweet fragrance of the alfalfa hanging heavy in the air, so heavy you almost don’t smell the exhaust from the idling tractor. I want to be there to smell the way the grease from the rake’s gear box mixes with the smell of the hay and when a bit of that diesel exhaust blends with it and finds it’s way to my nose, it becomes an intoxicating scent so powerful I can still smell it today. I want to be there right now, not here.

I want to be there to drag that rusty old rake through the field for hours as the hot morning sun bakes my bare arms. I want to look back and see the way the spinning basket lifts the flat swaths of alfalfa and orchard grass and folds them into windrows for the baler to pick up. I want to look out across the field and see the straight rows I’ve made drying in the sun. I certainly don’t want to be here right now.

I want to be there to spend a hot summers afternoon bouncing around on a wagon behind the baler stacking heavy, dirty bales of hay as Dad drives the tractor. I’d rather be spitting chaff from my mouth and clearing it from my eyes as the brownish green dust clings to my sweat than be here right now.

You know what’s funny though? Back then, on that wagon, I wanted to be anywhere but there.

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7 Comments on Where I want to be

  1. ❤ Love the new design.

  2. Reblogged this on izzyasabee and commented:
    There are many times I wish I could go back in time and smack myself into realizing how much I would someday miss the times I took for granted. The only thing we can do now is make the best of the time we are in now and live life in the best way we can.

  3. Awsome made me see it. And although I was a city girl there were a couple of times in my life my dad worked on a farm and that’s one thing I enjoyed when we were the, the hay bailing.

  4. Just yesterday, I was the one getting hay. I wouldn’t trade this life for another. Understanding your love for the scents and the textures of a farm -I enjoyed the words you used to remind anyone who’s ever experienced those senses.

    • Thank you! I regret giving that life up every day, especially now, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. It seems like I’m bombarded with memories like this one on a daily basis now. I’m trying to translate them into words to share them with others. I wish every one could know life on a farm! 😁

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