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Why Hillary?

Why Hillary? Out of all the possible candidates, why did they choose Hillary to run? If it was about making history, you’re telling me there were no better female candidates to throw up there? Seriously?  

Those are the questions I’ve been asking myself since this whole circus started. What was the plan? What was the DNC’s real agenda behind backing Hillary? My right wing conspiracist brain wants to know! I mean, they knew about Benghazi, they knew about the emails and they knew about the foundation’s corruption, yet they still backed her? Half that much dirt on a conservative would’ve ruined him for life. Did they have that much faith in the media controlling the minds of the voters so none of that would matter? I think so truthfully. I think they thought no one would care about a little corruption here and there if the media told them it was nothing. All politicians are a little corrupt, right? I seriously think they thought CNN would wave their hand in front of voters and use their media mind trick to make no one care. 

Looking back, the DNC should’ve known they were in trouble when the socialist they put up to run against Hillary started gaining ground during the primaries. I’m sure they chose him because there was no way someone like him would stand a chance. He’s a freaking socialist for heaven’s sake. But for a while he was gaining some popularity among the Democratic voters. Their own constituents disliked Hillary so much they were willing to vote for a socialist! That’s saying something right there and should’ve been a huge red flag! 

I’ll always be baffled by the DNC’s decision to run Hillary. I know there had to be something behind the scenes we aren’t seeing. Maybe someday we will find out what it was. Maybe it was just a bad decision. Who knows. I do know the media did their part to put her in office. I watch all these hate filled, fear mongering posts on social media about how this country is doomed and I see very plainly the finger of the mainstream media pulling the strings. I wish these people would realize their anger is directed at the wrong people. Quit blaming Trump, quit blaming the people who voted for Trump. It’s your own party who is to blame for this loss. If they had put up a candidate with a cleaner background, with some patriotism and morals, that candidate would have won in a landslide over Trump because even most conservatives I know didn’t like the man, they voted for him as the lesser of two evils. Maybe it’s time Democrats look at whose running their party. 

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5 Comments on Why Hillary?

  1. Well, stated. My thoughts were similar to yours.

    A little corruption here and there. Is too modest. Hillary’s corruption goes clear back to the Nixon days when she got fired from the Watergate investigation for messing with the evidence. She has a lot of scandals from the past like Whitegate, Travelgate, and other gates I can’t remember, She been implicated in those but not tried and lack of evidence. I believe it is safe to say her life wasn’t saintly except maybe her childhood, :(.

    • That was meant to be sarcastic, trust me, I’m aware of her and Bill’s past. I think those two take the cake for corruption in Washington, if not the world, and it’s hard to find evidence against someone when the key witnesses keep having heart attacks and getting in car wrecks, or commit suicide on park benches…

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